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of contradiction. let's remember the politicization of the benghazi issue started with the mitt romney campaign, on the night of the attack. he then harangued the entire republican caucus into joining him on that. now the mitt romney campaign is gone leaving guys like john mccain holding the bag. he's committed to the strategy and has to go forward. now that president obama called him out on public television during a press conference, he has no choice but to double down. and stories like these where he missed the hearing that he was calling for undermine his argument that the obama administration is not giving him enough information. and pushes him back into the argument the obama administration is lying, or misrepresenting or intentionally politicizing the tragedy. that's a much tougher argument to make. and that's the fight the obama administration wants to have. so john mccain's really on his heels. >> that point, about which argument the obama administration wants to have, i mean, the thing that tripped up mitt romney on this in that debate is that he believed what conservative media had b
obviously within the dna of mitt romney, and i guarantee you barack obama is not going to give at all on this issue. he's going to move on. >> whoa. look out. look out, mitt. anyway, thank you, mayor. it's always an incisive commentary i get from you. if this is the case, you're right, he better move on. thank you, mayor brown of california -- san francisco. ashley, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> "new york times" 37. >> coming up, it's not business. it's personal. that very public dispute from john mccain, who also never forgives, and president obama over susan rice. could it be mccain hasn't gotten over the 2008 election? we're sort of stacking up revenge here on the other side. i got nothing more to say about that. >>> plus spy fall, what we're learning about the affair that brought down the cia chief and perhaps derailed the promotion of the top general. and has been tabloid fodder now for almost a week. >>> and besides complaining about how president obama won re-election by giving away gifts to minorities and young voters, ever wonder what mitt romney has done
he was elected. >> oh, yeah. >> the issue of catholicism was being debated. that was a big milestone. you being elected as a muslim was another. we have mitt romney as a presidential candidate, a mormon. >> right. >> we look at all of these here. the issue of religion, the wider religious representation that's happening at the moment, does it show it is becoming an issue or is it a nonissue in the voting booth now? >> it's both for different people. there is no doubt about it there are people who write to my office every day decrying the fact that i'm a muslim and there are people, you know, mormons have been subject to discrimination and mitt romney had to deal with some of that but what it really shows is most americans believe in religious tolerance. most people believe in inclusion. but there is a vocal minority who always lets us know they are there trying to buy people on the basis of religion. and, unfortunately, we can't ignore them but, fortunately, they don't rule the day. >> and the mix of what has happened in congress just to go back oo years compared to the current congr
the same cast of characters back at the table than you would have if mr. romney would have been elected. they know each other. they've talked about these issues before. they've already winoed down the issues. >> fascinating. if that becomes true. we'll talk more and get other opinions about this. first we have a trivia time. since 1860 how many republican and democratic presidential candidates have lost the general election twice in a row? the answer, three. adlai stevenson, to eisenhower, thomas dewey lost to fdr and william jennings bryan lost to mckinley in both 1896 and 1900. crucified on a cross of gold. if you have a political trivia question e-mail us at daily we'll be right back. >>> kathleen bailey and susan kay are encouraging customers to shop local. they created the monthly ladies night in the magnolia park area of burbank, california to boost sales by staying open late. make sure to support your local retailers on november 24th for the third annual small business saturday. for more watch "your business" this sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. so anyway, i'v
to the republican party, the finance chair from that romney one of the single greatest philanthropist on the issue of equality in marriage and equality specifically. ted olsen, we could go on and on but the more we have leaders like that to force that conversation with those elected officials come thither doors wanting meetings, money and fund-raisers that question gets asked in that dialogue happens and i think that helps us further open those doors. we have to see what those opportunities are. we have somebody been leaders for a long time. senator susan collins has been tremendous and without her support we wouldn't have the victories that we have had that my hope is that we will have a lot more that follow her lead. >> what about the democrats? reid has -- are you going to put pressure on him to deliver on that? >> look, it is a crime that we still don't have workplace protection in this country. the vast majority of americans support, the vast majority of republicans supported and the vast majority of conservative republicans supported. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials
was push back about what the republican solution was. there was never a reason to look to mitt romney for those people. >> bill: well, i'll cede that. the governor ran a laid back campaign where he didn't go after the competency issue where he could have on libya, a number of other things, audient do that. he felt that because of the first debate he could ride it out and he would win just purely on economic fear. and didn't happen. going forward, miss schaefer, certainly it is a very challenging environment for the republican party because you have a dependency in this country when more than half of the american homes are receiving some kind of entitlement. so much of that's earned, but a lot of it is not. more than half. they're becoming more and more dependent on washington rather than the republican vision, less and less. >> right. i think one thing democrats have been very successful at is creating many more wards of the state, if you will. that's a serious cultural shift that republicans are up against now. they need to really make the -- get the message out there that limiting -
to the republican party of the finance chair of mitt romney, one of the single greatest winterfest on the issue of marriage equality specifically. that helped us open those doors. we have to see what the opportunities are. senator susan collins has been tremendous. you know, without her support, we wouldn't have had the victories that we have had. my hope is that we will have a lot more that follow her lead. >> what about the democrats? the vast majority of people supported it. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials who have not allowed this to go forward. reparations are ahead of congress. many companies have moved forward and have inclusive practices. more than half the states in this country, you can be fired simply for being lgbt. it is outrageous. those who are unwilling to move forward, it is such a simple concept. the most american of values. .. trying to be recognized and have children and don't have health care and your watching the affordable care of, probably more important than harry reid is doing an antidote is a way to access your sustainable health care for your
represent one, latino groups, students, a number of these people were described, as you know, by mitt romney, as seeking free stuff. these are the people who the president apparently duped into voting for him. did that issue come up at all today? >> no. i mean, first of all, you had women groups there. you had the sister simone from the nuns on the bus. what free stuff? are we saying middle class americans when we say that they should not have to pay or extend the tax cut, that that's free stuff for middle class americans whether it's in north dakota or north brooklyn, but when we give loopholes to big corporations or tax cuts to the wealthy, that's not a gift? i mean, i think it's absurd. it's insulting, and it's offensive. i think americans voted. they made it clear where they wanted to go. and i think that rather than mr. romney trying some late minute class warfare or race-baiting, he needs to get in step with where the american people are. >> well, you are a ordained minister, and speaking of strange statements we heard today from franklin graham, son of billy graham. mr. graham tells a
governor romney would win. maybe i should keep my predictions to myself, but i can't stop off in my judgment of the biggest issues of the day. so here is my take, my opinion, my forecast. i do not believe they will be a huge tax increase in spending cuts come january 1. i do not think we will go fully over the fiscal cliff. i think there will be a deal, the president will get his way and the republicans will cave. spending cuts will be promised, but the future, that is what i think will happen. why my going out on a limb like this? i can see the writing on the political wall. think of what will happen at the end of december. republicans still holding out against taxing the rich. the president says you are pushing america into recession just to protect your millionaire pals. i won the election, you back off. that is applying political pressure big time. it is political maneuvering with the president holding the upper hand. that is why i think there will be a last-minute deal. republicans retreat and taxes go up. please understand, i think this is a mistake, it is a bad policy. it wil
chair from mitt romney is one of the single greatest the lampas on the issue of equality and marriage equality. we could go on and on. the more we have leaders like that, that for such conversation, when those elected officials come to their doors one in meetings, money, fundraisers, that dialogue happens. that helps us further open the restores. we have to see what the opportunities are. some have been davis for long- a long time. my hope is we will have more that follow susan colin' lead. >> about the democrats? are you going to put the pressure on harry reid to deliver on that? >> it is a crime that we still do not have workplace protection in this country. the vast majority of americans supported. the vast majority of republicans and conservatives reported. support it. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials who have not allow this to go forward. many countries have inclusive practices are fully inclusive. a number of states have moved forward. where than half of the state's -- can be fired for been lgbt. it is outrageous. it is like legislating the golden rule in
, by the way, romney himself during the campaign walked away from, saying my comments were absolutely incorrect. it does sound like, to some, that he's reiterating. mary, i want to ask you about another thing he said. he took issue with the 20 republican debates that took place in the primaries, saying quote it was absolutely nuts, criticized the networks that hosted the debates saying the next time the debates should go to quote, stations that are reasonable that quote, it's not all going to be done by cnn and nbc. i moderated one of those debates. i didn't hear complaints from the romney people after that debate. and a lot of republicans i talked to during the campaign were saying that the debates made him a better candidate, that he got better and better at debating. >> yeah, they did, and we can stop maligning mitt romney. he's not going to run again. that's the only other thing i know he said on the campaign. i would like to say to charles, the greatest, and he can deny this but i'm an empiricist, the greatest impediment to upward mobility for women and minorities are liberal policies such
's tax plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. yeah. three weeks ago obama was like mitt romney terrifies me. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to tell us what you think about tonight's show, let us what you think about every issue. we'll see you tomorrow night right here, keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c..
making mitt romney questionable in their mind on our set of issues. might not be able to totally close the deal with them but could keep the elevator doors, hold it open until we could see that the economy starts to come up, see the president's campaign do that closing argument that really did finally tip them over. i think that was kind of the role that we played in there with a lot of these independent women. just kept them from out of frustration going to your point, i'm frustrated. i don't know about the future. i'm just going to go for change, no, wait. got to learn more about this guy. >> is there a difference in the way you talk to voters if you're, you know, trying to get them to vote for president obama versus trying to get them to vote for a woman running for the senate or the house? you are kind of in the middle of that. both of you were in the cross-section of that a lot of ways. a lot of women's vote was in the cross-section of that. >> who should start? >> one -- wisconsin. >> well in the tammy baldwin, tommy thompson campaign, you know, there are differences and similari
. the president gave a press conference, i don't know if you heard if, but was fiesy on the issue of taxes saying he was given a mandate in the election by the american people, not to continue to tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. there was one difference between romney and his campaign, and that was he opposes the idea of the wealth yi continuing to have tax cuts. if that's the position of the president and continues to be the position of the democrats, is that going to hold up in terms of budget negotiations with the republican colleagues? >> you know, i look at this in a simple way, and that's i want to bring the debt down, and when you look at the bush tax cuts, and how i explain it is people making over $250,000, that would be taxed at the bush level, even if they make a million, after that, the clinton levels. why is that important? saves $700 billion over ten years on the debt. that's why we are interested in that particular proposal, and i actually ran on it six years ago. i ran ads on it because i see it as a way to bring the money. it's not about taxing the wealthy, but what are sma
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)